Monday, June 23, 2014

Dusting Off the Keyboard...

Eek!  November 19th was my last blog post!  I guess that is what summer is for, getting married, sleeping, working on that tan.. and blogging!

I will say that I haven't been totally blog-less over the past year, as I have been working hard on my student blogs, posting and sharing all of our great project over the school year.   I hope to try to get on the ball and attempt to post more often.  I don't know that I can commit to once a week, or even once a month... but I do hope to try to share more ideas and thoughts as I continue my journey in education!

So now... down to business...

10 Shifts I plan to make as I begin thinking about next year. 

It's amazing to think that another school year has ended.  I don't know about my fellow educators, but this year felt like it came and went, with a blink of an eye.  If you are anything like me, summer means many things for us a teachers.  It allows for the opportunity to rest, relax, and rejuvenate from the long nights and busy days of work!  It allows the opportunity to spend more quality time with your family, hopefully going on a few vacations to a beach!   But, for most educators, it also means, time to step away from your curriculum and classroom responsibilities to really dig deep and make changes for the upcoming school year.

Recently, I stumbled upon a tweet from @bradmcurrie linking to an article about the shifts educators need to make for the upcoming school year by @justintarte.  This article really spoke to me about some important things that I need to think about as I begin a  new year in August.  While I believe I have already begun to change my teaching philosophy based on this list, there are many educators who have not. In my building there are many classrooms and teachers that do not see these changes in the next year, or perhaps, in the near future.  It is our job as educators, and constant learners to help those teachers within our community who do not seek out new ideas and professional development grow. 

Number 10 really spoke to me,  Stop waiting for someone else to make a difference or make the change.  You are the are the change.

I invite you to take a moment a read through these 10 ideas and comment about how you plan to make these shifts in your classroom next year!

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