Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Dreaded, 'Teacher's Chair'

I first must say, the reason I am calling this post, the dreaded 'Teacher's Chair" is because this project was less than simple, mostly due to my crafting errors, but at any rate, I completed the project and am, well, satisfied with the finished product.

The task itself was to redo a chair that I scrounged from my parents house in 2006 when I was desperate for some classroom decor.  At this point in my teaching career, I was fresh out of college and wanted to redo everything in the room.  So, I decided it would be fun to spray paint this old bar stool in different stripes of colors, completing the project with the different stool legs being different colors.

So here is the beauty...

As you can see, she was quite the gem... well measured stripes... and the legs, well they were fabulous. I think at one point I ran out of paint and just gave up.  This beautiful chair has been a loving part of my classroom for the last nine years and felt that it was time to give it a makeover. 

In this decision, I wasted approximately three days of my productive classroom time, redoing this chair.  To start, I spray painted the entire chair purple.  Then, took the leather and padding off.  

Some of you may not know this about me, but I am a big picture girl.  My vision with this project included a beautiful purple chair, with a green fabric cover to sit perfectly in my new third grade classroom.  What you also may not know about me, is that I dive head first into everything, many times without thinking about the process, having a plan, or determining the steps that I must take to accomplish the project.  Well, friends, this was one of those time. 

While my vision included a beautiful new fabric with a nice cushion underneath, I ran into some slight problems.  God Bless my husband, as he problem solved through this project with me, the fabric didn't make the cut, and we landed on a solid purple chair.  

The chair itself, while still not perfect, looks much better than it did before, and through this project I learned many new techniques, tools, and what not to do when it comes to redoing furniture! :) 

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