Friday, September 4, 2015

A Little Less Teacher and a Little More Crafty!

This summer, I was so fortunate to be able to throw a baby shower for my younger sister who was expecting her first little bundle of joy!

For those of you who know me, and my crazy sisters, we immediately jumped in feet first with themes, ideas, and cuteness to adorn our soon to be neice or nephew!!

Being that I am a lover of all things crafty, I was tasked with the decor for the party.  So to Pinterest I went landing upon our inspiration and guiding piece from Kara's Part Ideas..

Kara had the perfect idea and theme with thinking about a gender neutral baby shower! We loved everything about this photo and used it as a guide for our party decor.

To begin the process, my wonderfully talented husband cut the pieces for me. He was able to cut the boards and stake for my creative idea. I can take no credit to the design  as I showed him the above picture and he was able to help with the measurements and cuts!

After the pieces were cut to my liking, I began painting and preparing for the distressed look. Using Folk Art Acrylic Paint  I painted each board with white paint, brown paint, and then the specific color of coral, light blue, semi light blue, and navy.
Once the paint had dried I used a tradition sand paper to distress the board.
Hopefully you can see the different layers of paint!! This is definitely one of my favorite stages of the process.

After the paint had dried, it was time for the letters.  Using sharpie paint pens, I was able to recreate the saying from our good friend Kara's picture!

Once the words were places and the sign was complete I was able to add a little flair...

Every scrapbook-er loves the extra flair, ribbon, flowers, and buttons!

Once the sign had enough time to settle, I was able to glue it to it's post and it was ready to rock!!

And... there you have it! A great theme and jumping point for what was a fabulous shower!!

Stay tuned to more teacher and 'not so teacher' crafty ideas!

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