Sunday, September 29, 2013

Homecoming Extravaganza

If you would have asked me 8 years ago if I would ever have imagined taking a class of third graders and ipads to the biggest football game a rural community has ever seen... I would have asked you if you were insane!  Maybe I am insane, or maybe like my father says (I am fearless). I did it.

Two weeks ago a colleague of mine, (another crazy teacher), called me on a Sunday evening.  "Ok, I have this idea, it is either insane, or awesome".... and of course I agreed that it was probably both insane and awesome... Lets do it!  Brian and I got together a devised a plan of attack in which students and their parents would met us at the homecoming parade and the game to video tape, interview, and document the events of Homecoming in a rural community.

What followed this planning, coordinating of high school students, parents, administration, was something that I will remember forever.  Students were engaged, excited...literally skipping across the football field in attempts to video tape or interview a band member or homecoming candidate.  (I won't mention that they were also holding an ipad while skipping). Watching 20 + students with iPads in hand video taping, engaged, and excited to interview patrons of the game was amazing.

Somewhere between, a student of mine weaseling his way through 75 high school students to video tape the homecoming court, or our students turning into the paparazzi with the homecoming queen, I thought we were going to get kicked off the field.  Thankfully, Mr. McDavitt and I were able to round up our ducklings and get them off the field before one of the boys asked to take a candidate home with them! :)

It's moments like this, I love my profession.  It's moments like this, I remember why I chose to do what I do. It's moments like this I will remember forever.  

I cannot wait to continue on this learning journey with my students this year in hopes that we continue thinking 'outside of the box' and make learning come to life for students.

Check out Mr. McDavitt's blog for his view and fabulous post on this experience... (here)

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