Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's official!! My classroom is DONE!

I am SOOO excited to annouce that  after days and weeks of work, (Seriously started the end of July)my classroom is DONE! Just in time for a successful back to school night full of lots of families and third graders! (27 to be exact).  I am thrilled with how my room turned out and I hope that you enjoy looking at my new favorite place.

I have to say, I had lots of family and friends jump on board to help me with some of my projects.  My chair backs were painstakingly crafted by my mom and I on Friday afternoon.  My wonderful boyfriend created my writing center shelf that I love, and of course as I mentioned before, my colleague Brian, who helped me move and move file cabinets. My classroom vision would not have been as successful without their help!

Ok... now for the photos!!
We will start in the hallway! Our building used to be a middle school so we have lockers! 

They are great for storing backpack and other items! 

As you can see I am sporting the polka-dot theme! 

Just as you enter the room, custom made mailboxes and our classroom calendar. 

The two posters above will be the foundation for my classroom this year.  "We are teachers AND learners" and "None of us is as smart as ALL of us." (posters from Office Max!)
White board and wish list! 
Writing Center, notice the wonderful cabinet made by Phil Pickett!

Six Trait Posters and computer tables! 
iPad cart and rules! 

I hope you enjoy my photos.  I am so excited that my vision came true and am looking forward to year 8 in third grade!


  1. I love your room! You worked so hard on it and it's beautiful! Have a great year!

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to a great year with some of your gems!